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Who we are

At New Sphere, we’re a group of seasoned educators, technology professionals, and parents who see a real need for a better way to educate students in today’s rapidly changing world. We’re seeing students lacking authentic connection, falling behind, and struggling to stay challenged and engaged.

New Sphere exists to meet these needs.

Toddler & Me

Age 2

A fun, educational outlet for you and your 2-year-old to play, learn and connect.

It's Circle Time

Age 3-6

A socially engaging and academically enriching virtual preschool program.

Kinder Prep

Age 4-6

Weekday virtual early learning classes designed to prepare children for Kindergarten.

🧰 🧱 Does your child love to craft or build? Our students do too! So what do they learn through crafting or building?

✅ Hand-eye coordination
✅ Fine motor skills
✅ Promotes logical thinking
✅ Promotes problem solving
✅ Language and communication skills

💻 Did you know we are offering free trial classes to all our programs? Toddler & Me, It’s Circle Time, and Kinder Prep. To learn more about our programs or to take advantage of our trial classes please email hello@newsphere.com or 📥 send us a DM!

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Pete the Cat & his White Shoes. Ms. Michelle guides us through a story time song with Pete the Cat. 📖 The moral of the story is: No matter what you step in 👟, keep walking along and sing your song 🎵 because it’s ALL GOOD! 👍

What color are your shoes? 🎨

💻 Did you know we are offering free trial classes to all our programs? Toddler & Me, It’s Circle Time, and Kinder Prep. To learn more about our programs or to take advantage of our trial classes please email hello@newsphere.com or send us a DM!


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🍂 Fall Fruit: Apples! 🍏

Ms. Megan’s Circle Time class learned about the parts of an 🍎. Our kiddos were so excited to see Ms. Megan cut the apple open and name the parts! 🔍

🤔 Hmmm… How many seeds do you see? Let’s count!

💻 To learn more about our Preschool Circle Time Program, visit us at: https://newsphere.com/join/its-circle-time/ or 📥 send us a DM.


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🎉 We are so excited to have Ms. Jenny join our team. Ms. Jenny graduated Magna Cum Laude from Clearwater Christian College in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. She is certified to teach Kindergarten through 5th grade as well as English as a second language. She has over 15 years of teaching experience, Kindergarten being the past ten years. Her teaching style emphasizes student engagement as Ms. Jenny utilizes all learning preferences. She looks forward to working with you and your child to create a wonderful virtual learning experience. 🥰

💻 Did you know that you can try our Kinder Prep program completely free? Visit us at: https://newsphere.com/join/kinder-prep/ or 📥 send us a DM to enroll in a 1-week free trial.


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💻 Struggling with working from home? Here are some tips on how to create a successful and healthy work environment:

✅ Set and stick to a solid routine or schedule
✅ Create a dedicated workspace and avoid working from bed
✅ Be consistent with productivity
✅ Set aside a few hours of focused work
✅ Set boundaries with your team and over communicate
✅ Set reminders for small tasks in your calendar so you don’t forget
✅ Give yourself breaks in between to avoid burnout

Good luck! ⭐️

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This week in Toddler & Me, we witnessed another milestone! ⭐️ Our Braden said his first four word sentence on his own!! Braden’s mother and Ms. Kathy almost cried! 🥲 They’ve been practicing 3 to 4 word sentences daily and it is paying off! 🥳

✨ Our Toddler & Me program is a thoughtfully designed program to boost natural development and build on your child’s confidence. Toddlers attend class 5 days a week, for approximately 45 minutes per day.

💻 Click here to take advantage of our 2 free trials: https://newsphere.com/toddler-trial-sign-up/ or 📥 send us a DM! 😊


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Meet Our Instructors

Ms. Melody

Early Childhood Educator

MACTE Accredited Montessori Teacher

Born and raised in Toronto, Ms. Melody obtained her BA in Early Childhood Studies from Ryerson University. From there, she worked at a variety of childcare centers and pursued a diploma in Montessori Pedagogy. A firm believer that education should not be limited by borders, Ms. Melody genuinely loves working with children, especially internationally. Today, she resides in California and is the Program Director of New Sphere.

Hear from Parents


“The classes were live and interactive, Clara was immersed in the program in ways I didn’t think were possible digitally. She found the teacher thoroughly engaged and managed to keep her attention throughout the class.”


Christian L.

Edmonton, Alberta


“Watching our daughter make new friends even with everything going on right now has been an incredible experience!”


Erin & Colin



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