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Now offering 3 day per week classes!

$39/week or $129/month • 8AM Pacific / 11AM Eastern

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Virtual Preschool classes that keep your child engaged

Build a strong foundation in letters, numbers, shapes, fine motor skills, and math so your child is ready to learn more

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Virtual Preschool classes that keep your child engaged

How It Works

  • Classes are interactive featuring Movement Breaks, Scavanger Hunts, Show and Tell and more! They'll be so engaged they won't want to switch to Netflix or Youtube, we promise!
  • Focus on age approriate socialization skills plus shapes, letters, numbers, in a fun way. We prepare your child for a life long love of learning.
  • Students meet on Zoom for 45 - 50 minutes each class with the same instructor and classmates to build routine and relationships.
  • Pick a consistent class time that works with your schedule, we have classes from 7AM Pacific / 10AM Eastern - 3PM Pacific / 6PM Eastern
  • Class supplies are minimal and are typically household items - we will let you know in advance if they are needed
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We offer a 100% money back guarantee for the first 7 days after you pay. If you are not fully satisfied simply reach out to us at and we will issue a full refund. No hassle. We are that sure you are going to love being a part of New Sphere!

Pick Your Program

We understand that it’s hard to know if an educational program is the right fit for your child until you try it out. That is why we offer 1 week free trial in all our programs. Trial enrollments are placed in real New Sphere classes so once your trial is complete you will be able to enroll at that time, with that instructor, and that same group of students!

Toddler & Me

Age 2

  • Highlights speech development
  • Foundational fine motor skills
  • Gross motor skills through movement
  • Introduces colors and shapes

It's Circle Time

Age 3-4

  • Letter recognition
  • Numbers 1 - 10
  • Developing fine motor skills
  • Mastering colors and shapes
  • Developing social skills

Kinder Prep

Age 4-6

  • Prepares for Kindergarten
  • Foundational mathematical concepts
  • Mastering social skills
  • Letter writing and phonetic awareness
  • Mastering fine motor skills

Amazing Instructors Set Us Apart

We’ve hired the best teachers from throughout the United States to lead children through our fun and interactive curriculum.

Our experienced, professionally trained early childhood educators are as geographically diverse as the students in their classes.

Meet our Team

Look Inside a New Sphere Classroom

Live Class Excerpt, Learn and Connect with Us - New Sphere

Live Classes with Energetic Instructors

Our upbeat and highly-trained instructors make learning FUN by reading books, telling stories and singing songs! We know how to keep kids from spacing out and focused on the lesson. Our classes are so captivating and inspirational, they won’t even realize it’s educational.

Small Class Sizes

We keep our class cohorts small to ensure that every student gets the individualized academic support that they need and has the chance to establish authentic connections with their peers. Never exceeding 8 students per teacher, we’re able to provide a personalized experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Outstanding Curriculum

Each program has its own set curriculum, which focuses on the appropriate developmental skills for each age group. The curriculum is thematically based, which keeps learning fun and engaging. It targets the skills which each age range should master and includes developing fine motor skills, mathematical concepts, handwriting and phonetic awareness, music, art, gross motor, and language development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions?

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