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Circle Spinner

Circle Spinner


Created by things you probably have at home when spun they will hum. These really cool circle spinners can be decorated however you wish and will create many moments of fun.


Materials List

  • 24-28 inches of Twine
  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Gluestick 
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife 
  • Cup
  • Marker
  • Optional writing materials for decorating


  1. Place the cup or something shaped like a circle onto the cardboard and trace it one time. Continue to trace two more circles onto the paper. (1:00)
  2. Cut the three circles out of the materials. Cutting the different materials can be tricky for your little one but it will really work their fine motor skills. (1:40
  3. Glue a paper circle to both sides of the cardboard circle with the glue stick. (2:10)
  4. Using materials of your choice, decorate both sides of your circle. (3:00
  5. Use the craft knife to cut two small holes in the center of your circle, just large enough for your twine to fit through. (3:40)
  6. You will need at least 24-28 inches of twine to create your spinner. String your twine through one hole and directly into the next hole. Secure the ends of your twine together with a knot. *Tip: If your string is starting to untwine wrap a small piece of tape around the end you are going to use to thread through the holes. (4:06)
  7. Hold both ends of the string and place the circle into the middle, begging to rotate the spinner in circle motions to twist the twine. Once the twine is twisted, pull and relax, pull and relax the string on both ends to allow the circle to start spinning. The twine will retwist on the own when you give it a little slack. When you do it correctly the spinner will begin to hum! How long can you keep the circle spinning? What would happen if you cut out a different shape for your spinner? (5:08)

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