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Reindeer Directed Drawing

Reindeer Directed Drawing


In this video, your child will learn to draw a reindeer using different shapes. We’ll be drawing lots of ovals and triangles. Directed drawing helps children form fine motor, writing skills, and visual spatial awareness. Watch this video for a fun time creating your own reindeer!

Materials List

  • Blank piece of paper
  • Pencil 
  • Eraser
  • Crayons


1. Draw a large oval in the middle of your paper for the reindeer’s head. (1:05)

2. Draw two vertical lines about a finger width apart from each other underneath the oval. (1:20)

3. Draw two curved triangles coming off the top of the oval to form the ears. Add two smaller triangles to create the inner ears. (1:50)

4. Draw two small ovals for the eyes and add the eyelids. (2:44)

5. Draw a curved line horizontally across the oval for the snout. Below that, draw a sideways oval for the nose. (3:33)

6. Add a smile near the bottom of the snout. (4:01)

7. Form your antlers on both sides of the head. (4:30)

8. Add a scarf to your reindeer neck. Add squiggle lines to show fringe coming off of the scarf. (5:38)

9. Decorate! Add lines or polka dots to your scarf; add circles for snowflakes around your reindeer. (6:50)

10. Color your reindeer! (8:30)

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