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Felt Pizza Pockets

Felt Pizza Pockets


For this activity, we will be making fun pizza pockets using various colors of felt, a hole puncher, glue, yarn, velcro and scissors. Your child will be able to work on their fine motor skills through cutting, gluing, and even threading! Let your child hang their new felt pizza pocket around their shoulder and they’re ready to start the day in style!


Materials List

  • Large pieces of felt: orange, yellow
  • Small pieces of felt: brown, red/pink, white, black, green
  • Hole puncher 
  • Tacky glue
  • Velcro
  • Yarn (string or thread)
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Buttons


  1. Take your two large pieces of yellow and orange felt and cut each into the same sized triangles. Be sure to include an extension (1-2 inches) to your triangle as shown in the video. (1:19
  2. Cut off the extended piece from the yellow triangle only. After this step, your orange felt should be longer. (2:18)
  3. Use a hole puncher to punch holes along the edges of the yellow triangle. Keep the holes about 1cm apart. (3:19)
  4. Cut out the remaining fabric to complete holes. (4:02)
  5. To make matching holes on the orange felt, place the yellow felt over the orange, and mark the holes with a marker. (4:40)
  6. Use a hole puncher to punch holes along the markings on the orange felt. (5:05)
  7. Repeat step 4 with the orange felt. (5:22)
  8. Using a piece of yarn, thread the two triangles together. (5:45)
  9. Cut the yarn according to the length appropriate for you or your child. Then tie the yarn together at top to make a “strap”. (6:29)
  10. Cut out a variety of “toppings” from felt and glue it to pizza pouch. (7:00)
  11. Attach velcro to the top part of the pizza pocket, along the orange felt (the flap), and to the top of the yellow felt. Be sure the velcro pieces match for the open/close function. (8:38)

Have fun!

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