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Sponge Paint Umbrella Mobiles

Sponge Paint Umbrella Mobiles


Spring time activity for the win! Does your little one like arts and crafts?  Use this video to show them how to make a fun umbrella mobile!  Rainy days do not need to be boring - all these materials are household materials and can be pulled together for this engaging activity! There is fine motor, sensory and loads of fun in this video.

Materials List

  • 1 Paper plate
  • Yarn and/or ribbon (or string)
  • Hole puncher
  • Blue construction paper
  • Small sponges (small square ones cut from a kitchen sponge)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Stapler 
  • Paint


  1. Cut plate in half (1:29)
  2. Press sponges into paints (2:01)
  3. Sponge paint paper plate halves (2:27)
  4. Cut three pieces of yarn (3:30)
  5. Lay the ends of the yarn on the bottom of the back of one of the paper plate halves (3:50)
  6. Tape the yarn down (4:00)
  7. Bend the end of pipe cleaner (if using) (4:38)
  8. Attach “umbrella handle” (pipe cleaner) to center of the paper plate (5:02)
  9. Cut a few pieces of ribbon (if using) (5:28)
  10. Tape down ribbon on plate (5:40)
  11. Staple the two umbrella halves together (6:32)
  12. Cut raindrops out of blue construction paper (7:25)
  13. Punch a hole in the top of each raindrop using hole puncher (8:36)
  14. Tie each raindrop to the end of the yarn/ribbon (8:56)

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