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New Sphere Affiliate Program

What is affiliate marketing?

An affiliate program is a revenue sharing program where the affiliate (that's you!) drives traffic to a merchant's website (that's us!) in exchange for referral commissions. When a visitor from your site clicks on the affiliate link to our site and completes a purchase, you get a commission on any program they subscribe to.

What is New Sphere's affiliate program? How does it work?

The New Sphere Affiliate Program allows you to make money by referring customers to purchase any of New Sphere's online programs. You can earn commission by placing links on the reviews page of your website, social media accounts, video channels, or emails that direct buyers to New Sphere's website. Each time you refer a customer to us, and that customer makes a purchase, you earn a commission. In every calendar month, you will receive your commission payments via PayPal or Zelle that you select on your Rewardful account.

How much can I earn as a New Sphere affiliate?

Affiliates earn a recurring monthly commission of 10-15% on all subscriptions referred using their custom affiliate link. There are no monthly caps or maximum earnings. We also provide various performance bonuses for top-earning affiliates.

Our current bonus incentives are:
> $50 bonus for your first referral
> $250 bonus for 10 or more referrals in one month

What is Rewardful?

Rewardful is one of the most highly regarded referral tracking software in the world. In addition to its expertise as a market leader in the affiliate industry, the company provides tracking, reporting, and real-time commission statements for our affiliate program, along with an on-time and accurate payment to its affiliate members.

How do I get started? How do I join New Sphere's affiliate program?

  • Step 1: Sign up as an affiliate at
  • Step 2: We manually review all applications within 2 business days. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email notification and instructions on how to get started.
  • Step 3: Set-up an onboarding call with us to get to know more about how we can collaborate better together.
  • Step 4: Drive customers to our website by advertising on your social media accounts.
  • Step 5: Collect your commission

Do I receive any discounts on New Sphere since I'm an affiliate?

Yes! As an affiliate, you will receive 2 weeks of free classes in any of our programs. A VIP affiliate will receive 3 months of free membership!

Does it cost me anything to become a New Sphere affiliate?

It's free to join our affiliate program!

What is an affiliate disclosure?

Affiliates should adhere to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) instructions regarding the testimonials and reviews. An individual policy for all reviews and testimonials on products and services provided by New Sphere, as well as social networks, forums, blogs, etc. must be present at the affiliate websites. According to the FTC, "a connection between the endorser and the seller of the advertised product", if there's any, must be "fully disclosed". All affiliates must follow all FTC guidelines. You can read more on FTC's ruling here.

Whom should I contact if I have questions about the New Sphere affiliate program?

If you have any questions or concerns about the affiliate program, send us an email at We will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions, you can email and we'll get right back to you. If you would prefer to do a phone call you can book a time below!

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