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Toddler & Me Program

A fun, educational outlet for you and your 2-year-old to play, learn and connect.

Let your two-year-old surprise you.

At two years old, most children are becoming more independent and interested in socializing with others. Our Toddler & Me program is a thoughtfully designed program to boost this natural development and build on your child’s confidence.

About the program:

The Toddler & Me program is a live and interactive virtual 45 minute session from Monday to Friday. Our small group of 8 students are led by experienced Early Childhood Educators. These sessions are jam packed with activities designed to get your child moving, learning and connecting!

  • Program Length: 45 minute sessions 5 days of the week.
    Note: Strongly advise adult participation.
  • Group Size: Our small group of 8 students, and their parents, are led by experienced Early Childhood Educators.
  • Additional Resources: At the end of each week, you will receive weekly updates from your instructor which includes next week’s material list, digital books, and parent/ caregiver tips.

This program is ideal for:

  • Parents looking for an activity with their two-year-old, but struggle to find time between other children’s pick up and drop off from school / other activities.
  • Two-year-olds that do not get the opportunity to interact with other children their age.
  • Parents wanting to build their two-year-old’s confidence and independence.
  • Parents wanting to prepare their child for Pre-K.

🧰 🧱 Does your child love to craft or build? Our students do too! So what do they learn through crafting or building?

✅ Hand-eye coordination
✅ Fine motor skills
✅ Promotes logical thinking
✅ Promotes problem solving
✅ Language and communication skills

💻 Did you know we are offering free trial classes to all our programs? Toddler & Me, It’s Circle Time, and Kinder Prep. To learn more about our programs or to take advantage of our trial classes please email hello@newsphere.com or 📥 send us a DM!

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This week in Toddler & Me, we witnessed another milestone! ⭐️ Our Braden said his first four word sentence on his own!! Braden’s mother and Ms. Kathy almost cried! 🥲 They’ve been practicing 3 to 4 word sentences daily and it is paying off! 🥳

✨ Our Toddler & Me program is a thoughtfully designed program to boost natural development and build on your child’s confidence. Toddlers attend class 5 days a week, for approximately 45 minutes per day.

💻 Click here to take advantage of our 2 free trials: https://newsphere.com/toddler-trial-sign-up/ or 📥 send us a DM! 😊


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✨Our little ones develop natural instincts through sensory experiences. As toddlers experiment with their 5 senses, they start to learn how to trust and build positive pathways in the brain. Sensory play supports cognitive growth, problem solving skills, and sparks 💫 interest in learning about themselves.

In our Toddler & Me Program, you’ll find a lot of hands-on activities to keep your toddler engaged. Our toddler is very excited to name his favorite fruit and create a healthy snack! 😋

💻 Click here to learn more about our Toddler & Me program:
https://newsphere.com/toddler-and-me/ or 📥 send us a DM to take advantage of our 2 free trial classes!


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Engaging & Fun

We get your little one up and involved with interactive activities such as music and movement, building, story time and even age-appropriate cooking skills! You’ll be surprised what your two-year-old can do.

Social Development

We strive to foster positive relationship building and social skills, which is why your child will be interacting with the same group of no more than 8 children each and every week. Engaging with the same peers in a collaborative and safe environment helps support their social development.

Qualified Instructors

Our instructors are highly trained professionals with a passion for Early Childhood Development and Education. Every New Sphere instructor is thoroughly vetted to ensure your child’s safety.


Toddler & Me Program Overview:

Don’t pay unless you’re satisfied

Free Trial available • Risk-Free signup policy

We offer 2-day free trials for our Toddler & Me program. We understand that it’s hard to know if an educational program is the right fit unless you try it out. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee for new signups. If you’re not 100% satisfied within the first week, we’ll offer you a full refund.

We offer multiple 45 minute classes per day.
Pick what works with your schedule.

If you’re not fully satisfied after the first week, you may cancel with 100% refund.

Meet Our Instructors

Ms. Kathy

Masters in Curriculum and Instruction
Early Childhood Educator

Ms. Kathy is an energetic, dedicated educator with a lifelong passion for teaching and learning. She has been teaching for 32 years. Ms. Kathy earned a Reading Specialist’s Degree from Nova Southeastern University.


She also holds a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from University of Phoenix as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from the State University of West Georgia. Ms. Kathy is a certified teacher in Early Childhood Education (K-5) with endorsements in both Gifted and ESOL.

Ms. Melody

Early Childhood Educator MACTE Accredited Montessori Teacher

Born and raised in Toronto, Ms. Melody obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Studies from Ryerson University. From there, she worked at a variety of childcare centers and pursued a diploma in Montessori Pedagogy.


A firm believer that education should not be limited by borders, Ms. Melody genuinely loves working with children, especially internationally. Today, she resides in California and is the Program Director of It’s Circle Time.

Ms. Michelle

Masters in Early Education
Ms. Michelle has been teaching preschool for the past 8 years. She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Communicative Disorders with a Minor in Child Development and is currently pursuing a credential in Early Childhood Special Education. She loves working with preschoolers and creating fun, interactive lessons that build their love for learning.

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If you’re not 100% satisfied after the first week, you will get a full refund.
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Hear from Parents


“The classes were live and interactive, Clara was immersed in the program in ways I didn’t think were possible digitally. She found the teacher thoroughly engaged and managed to keep her attention throughout the class.”


Christian L.

Edmonton, Alberta


“Watching our daughter make new friends even with everything going on right now has been an incredible experience!”


Erin & Colin



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