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Now offering 3 day per week classes!

$39/week or $129/month • 8AM Pacific / 11AM Eastern

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Developmental milestone learning for 3 to 4 year olds

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A social setting for your child to build an early foundation of education in a multi-sensory learning approach.

It's Circle Time Program Highlights

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Early Literacy 📖

  • Daily Story Time
  • Letter Recognition and Phonological Awareness
  • Language and Speech Development
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Early Mathematical Skills 🧮

  • Early Number Concepts (1-10)
  • Sorting and Patterns
  • Colors and Shapes
Image for Science Enrichment 🧪

Science Enrichment 🧪

  • Real world discovery using the 5 senses
  • Thematic learning units to maximize student engagement
  • Process thinking incorporated into daily discussions and focus activities
Image for Art and Music Integration 🎨

Art and Music Integration 🎨

  • Daily thematic songs with whole-body movement
  • Weekly emphasis on process art
  • Creative expression through daily dialogue and focus activities
Image for Fine and Gross Motor Development ✏️

Fine and Gross Motor Development ✏️

  • Expanding Coloring skills
  • Developing Pre-writing skills, including proper pencil grip
  • Progressing development on cutting and gluing
  • Copying small and large body movements (i.e. jump twice, clap three times)

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  • Class meets 5 days per week, Monday-Friday
  • If you decide to enroll you can join the same class you trialed in!

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