What preschoolers need to know for Kindergarten

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Kinder Prep is an online enrichment program designed by experienced early childhood educators to prepare children for Kindergarten from the comfort of their home!

Designed for 4-6 Year Olds

Every weekday (Monday – Friday), your child will meet with a small group of the same children, led by the same teacher, at the same time.

This will not only create consistency in your child’s routine, but it will also give your little one the opportunity to make meaningful relationships with their classmates and teacher.

These weekday sessions are LIVE and last for about 55 minutes. Our classes are led by thoroughly vetted teachers with a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Studies, Elementary Education or Child Development.

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We cover a wide range of subjects needed for Kindergarten

Build a strong academic foundation for your child, boost their confidence and encourage socialization before Kindergarten even starts!

Numbers, Data & Symbols

Geometry & Shapes

Measurement & Time

Letters, Language & Handwriting

Socialization & Teamwork

Try 1-week for FREE!

Our Core-Compliant Curriculum

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Research has shown that early experiences with Math foster curiosity, imagination, inventiveness and persistence. Which is why our teachers have planned an arithmetic curriculum that is engaging, developmentally appropriate and challenging. This program touches on major concepts such as counting, number recognition, measurement, sorting, geometry and much more!

Arts & Crafts

Creativity and imagination are an essential part of healthy development early on. In this program, we encourage learners to get their hands dirty and engage in tactile learning experiences that foster ingenuity, creative expression and a sense of pride in their work. Creating something tangible they can show you at the end of the day serves as a “win” you can both celebrate together.

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Language & Literacy

Early speech and language development is a critical aspect of literacy development (the ability to read and write). We prepare your early learner to be successful academically and in life by gradually building literacy and language skills through reading, writing, communication, and socialization. We encourage our students to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings.

Motor Skill Building

Exercise is an integral part of a child’s early development. This program encourages children to develop major body movements and gross motor skills by exercising, playing movement games, dancing, stretching and strengthening their balance and coordination.

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So much more than academics

All of our classes are virtual and led by experienced early childhood educators who encourage learners to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings as well as socialize with their fellow classmates.

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Music, Art & Movement

We get your child up and involved with interactive activities such as music and movement, singing and story time. Every Friday we feature an extracurricular lesson in yoga, age-appropriate cooking, STEM and more.

Image for Encourage Socialization

Encourage Socialization

Engaging with the same peers in a collaborative and safe environment helps support your child’s social development. Kinder Prep provides a much needed social outlet and sense of community for students.

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Cultivate Confidence

We nurture and encourage your child’s expression, communication, confidence and independence during every lesson. With designated roles, your child will also learn personal responsibility.

5 days a week, for just $199 / month

Kinder Prep

Age 4-6

What's included

  • Live 50-minute classes 5 days/week
  • No more than 8 students per teacher
  • Friday enrichment & extracurricular activities
  • Parent participation is not required
  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • Monthly calendars and activity sheets emailed to you

We offer a variety of class schedules between 8am to 5pm (depending on your time zone).

Risk-Free, Satisfaction Guarantee

We understand that it’s hard to know if an educational program is the right fit for your child until you try it out. That’s one of the beautiful things about online learning. You can try it before you buy it.

That’s why, for a limited time we’re offering a 1-week free trial for Kinder Prep. In addition to your free trial period, if you’re not 100% satisfied within the first week of classes, we’ll offer you a full refund.

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