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Our little one is in Ms Megan’s classes. We have recently upgraded to the daily program. We love best how Ms Megan has been able to bring our little shy one out of her shell. One of us always sits in silently – we love how she gives each child their own time to shine! She also structures her class in such a way that they learn something new everyday in academics, art, and social-emotionally. We can feel her heart is in what she does, and what a great teacher she truly is!

Jerome and Roxanne

It’s Circle Time Parent

I am Divya, Kushina’s mom. Firstly I would like to thank each and every member of it’s circle time/ newsphere for creating this amazing online platform for toddlers and young kids who have had such a challenging year owing to the pandemic. A lot of first time parents like me are really thankful to have heard about your online classes and I’m surely one of them.

My daughter Kushina has definitely learned and grew a lot in these past few months of being associated with it’s circle time/ newsphere. Her first teacher was Ms. Megan and her kinderprep teacher is Ms. Carolyn. I am so thankful that they’ve been such amazing teachers because online classes with restless kids is surely a challenge and they’re so patient, understanding and compassionate. I’m sure that every single one of your teaching staff are just the same which makes me feel so glad that I’ve given my child the best chance at distance learning and social interactions with her peers through you!

Please extend my heartfelt gratitude and regards to all your teaching staff, especially Ms. Megan, Ms. Carolyn, Ms. Fiona, Ms. Ashley for being such awesome teachers! Also, I would like to thank all the staff in customer support, marketing etc., Because you’ve always been quite helpful and resourceful, quite accommodating and I really appreciate it.

Sri Divya

It’s Circle Time/Kinder  Prep  Parent

Circle Time has most definitely reached all my expectations! My daughter Catherine loves Ms. Sarah’s class and all the activities they do in class together and all the activities that Ms. Sarah provides for us to do over the weekend 😊. Ms. Sarah’s class is well structured, she gives each student a time to speak and share. You can tell that she cares for all her students! She does different activities with the class each day and week, which keeps them so entertained and wanting more!! She stays repetitive on the important stuff such as letter of the week, the months, days, and the name of weeks which I absolutely love because this helps the kids learn and remember. For doing that my 3-year-old daughter has already learned her days of the week. And is starting to memorize her months and what todays day is. Its Circle Time has definitely made my daughter extremely happy, which makes me happy and very thankful for this program! I definitely recommend this program to anyone who is looking for an online program for their little ones 😊


It’s Circle Time Parent

We appreciate having this opportunity for our grandkids. The virtual circle time gave them a chance to experience a small group setting. The session had a well planned curriculum and age appropriate activities; as a retired teacher, I appreciate the teachers using the virtual setting to support learning. Next week will be my grandkids last week. MacKenzie and Alex will start onsight Pre K on Aug 9. Thank you Mrs McQueen

Victoria McQueen

It’s Circle Time Parent

However it was really a great Learning experience and fun loving class for him.

He always loved to attend the class with Ms. Ashley. She had been very nice and amazing teacher.
Thanks for all her kind efforts.


It’s Circle Time Parent

Ms. Amanda is a caring teacher who makes learning fun for my son. Parents receive weekly updates to prepare for classes and the students have a chance to interact and participate everyday in a fun environment. Friday Science Experiments are a favourite in our house!

Raana Chaudhry

Kinder Prep Parent