Every child’s face is visible which helps keep the group engaged.

Circle Time is an activity where children gather as a group with their teacher to read stories, sing songs, listen to music, and engage in conversations.

Virtual Circle Time is a new trend where teachers can conduct lessons with multiple students outside of their classrooms. Enabling children access to education from the comfort of their own homes.

Our online learning platform engages children in virtual and hands-on activities that are developmentally appropriate. The platform provides an at-home extension to children’s daily activities that will help them form social bonds between teachers, children, and families to support their developmental needs.

Children quickly bond to their group and it incredibly engaging. After only one or two experiences they begin to look forward to future sessions. We help build a dependable routine for children. As a result, they learn to better regulate their behavior.


The group can enjoy listening to their favorite songs while getting to know each other.


Teachers lead the group in singing songs they know and love.


Scavenger hunts are highly engaging, they love trying to find objects around their house.


Expert teachers lead the group in Yoga or other exercises. No mat required!

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